I don’t do political stuff often even though, this is my space.. well not MySpace, as that’s deader than disco. This is just my area of the internet where I can work things out I my tiny little mind.


Now It’s clear there is very little action in my mind as this was last update was in June, and that was about my Twitch obsession. Since then I have started to stream and have 59 followers at time of keyboard bashing. It’s been an amazing community of people who driven by being nice and good. Yet there are always people in social media circles who bring this crashing down. In fact there are people in all communities that are selfishly hell bent on being absolute ****.


Man about to kick woman into waterToday I learnt about the allegations against a British Male comedian, who to be frank, I had never heard of. I am usually up on my comedy people so to hear this person was about to have a HBO special is weird. “Was” being the prime word there. Following some horrific allegations that special has been cancelled and he’s been dropped by his agency. He has essentially been cancelled.


I know there are some people out there who rile up against cancel culture and how it undermines the argument and debate. Add to this that sometimes the claims are simply not true. If someone is not guilty of those crimes then there is a problem. However, in this case and plenty of others it’s not one example and I have in past thought that was an important distinction.


Where people are a accused of something by one person, it’s easy to dismiss as one person’s opinion of events. I have been guilty of this in the past where, one person comes forward about a celebrity who you liked, respected and laughed with. I started to rationalise as “It’s probably a one off, a misunderstanding. What is the underlying story here.” Then as with a lot of abusers, other victims start to come forward and you realise that this person is horrible.


Personally cancelling, is the best option we have at the moment to say “We believe you” to all those victims. Why should the perpetrator still be able to get the attention and oxygen which they do not deserve. If, later on, there is no case and those who have accused were wrong. As a society we need to recognise the struggles of the accused and move forward


This morning’s revelations are horrible but they are certainly no isolated. There is still a cultural issues when it comes to women in society. This tread by Alexis Strum on twitter sums up how despite “me too”,  we have moved forward a tiny fraction. It is so depressing and shameful that this was acceptable.



This kind of humour was round when I was at school. Some 30 years ago no one batted an eyelid about sexist or racist jokes. We look back in horror at shows from the 70’s and 80’s as though that wasn’t us. “It was a different time” which gets rolled out a lot as a way to avoid facing up to our past. Sure the clothes were different and no one had heard of the internet but, we do not seemed to have moved forward intellectually and culturally to say it’s a different time.


We cannot carry on like this. There must be change or we will forever repeat the mistakes of other generations. I hope my children, both boys, either grow up in a better world for all, or make damn sure they are pushing for it. We must not forget that we are all humans and if you think rape and violence against women jokes are funny. You are the problem.


This post was not checked for grammar or spelling issues. Please let me know if you spot anything. 


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