It’s been a while, how are you all doing?

Glad to hear it. Well today has been all about the BBC and the amount it pays it’s top people and how there isa VERY clear gender pay gap. I don’t think the BBC should have been forced to reveal these details and it’s clear they are on less than those of their commercial rivals. Would an MP reveal to the precise penny how much they earn from all their roles. It’s more Tory bashing of the BBC.

What I think is the biggest issues here is the pay gap between the men and women. With the highest paid male getting 4 times that of the top female. Sure they can all earn extras away from the BBC or even at the BBC depending on how they have their contracts set up. One person part own the company that makes his show. So they will be paid by the BBC and then by their company. I do not begrudge any of them their money, especially Charlie from Casualty who is the highest paid actor. No wonder he’s still there since 1986

On the flip side the BBC, well BBC Earth Unplugged, have put on YouTube 40 hours of Planet Earth II footage. Split into four different categories of Mountain, Jungle, Island and Desert. I know videos of a bus trips or a potter’s wheel have been popular, not to mention Sky’s Christmas Scenes, but these are spectacular and relaxing. I have ad the Desert one playing while I type. I could imagine using this to help me fall asleep. Finger crossed there is no sudden animal scream all call in hour 6.

I have embedded them below for your enjoyment. Let me know in the comments your favorite or if you spot anything unusual, around 6 hours in.


Mountain Sounds


Island Sounds


Jungle Sounds



Desert Sounds

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