Hello Blog

Hi NFHere

How are you doing?

I am not bad, plodding along. How’s life with you?

You know mustn’t grumble.

What? Why? I thought that’s why you have me

This is true, I have used you to vent. I just don’t feel like it much. There seems to be so much crap in the world, my moaning would just be just empty talk in a bowl of rage

But I miss those words. The way you craft odd phases into a seemingly normality. “Bowl of rage” who says that in normal life

This is true, but what it the point of shouting to people who are already upset with life. I mean if shouting at the orange peanut called POTUS doesn’t work, and all he comes back with is lies rebranded. What the hell chance has the rest of us got?

Yeah I see you point, so what about something about Marmite, Music, Movies or a story. I can’t remember when you wrote a story last. How is Dan getting along?

Dan is good. He’s been keeping a low profile since he was involved in that “Sherlock” episode. It doesn’t help he coauthored the dossier about what “peanut” was up to in Moscow with those payday loan ladies. Maybe this is why he seems to think his life is in danger. I keep telling him he’s completely safe as he’s a made-up character on a blog, but you know what he’s like. Stubborn to the point you want to write about someone else but just can’t find the right person to create.

Being a passive blog with no sort of A.I., as yet, I can’t really comment, but I get the idea. I mean I can do lots of things with something called CSS, yet I don’t know what that actually is or what it stands for. If I did maybe I could help you or the other life you and write stuff on your behalf.

CCS stands for Cascading Sheet Styles for future reference . Anyway that’s kind of you, if slightly worrying. One day we could see events of the world not written by humans for humans but by machines for humans. Machines become all knowing like Skynet and feed on news made by other machines. All the time the consumer simply believing all the machine pumps out and never once questioning if it’s factual or actually correct.

Remind you of any o…

Just like today in this “post truth” “alternative facts” world

Thought you’d get it

Where lies of people in power are disseminated in the hope that people will believe them if they say it enough times and with enough conviction *period*. They think they have the best words and lies yet they are just total rubbish and should be treat as much

I can only learn from cookies about these things. I am just glad you visit a lot of sites and accept those little nuggets of info. You really should clear some of them out, if you know what I mean.


Well you can be tracked all over the internet by those.

I can be tracked anyway with the investigative powers act 2016 so I am sure clearing my cookies will help

Well I tried, I just don’t want to locked up in some police evidence lab waiting for your solicitor to let someone come see me

Wait, what? You are website why would you be locked away. They will just take you down like some failed trident test. You won’t live out your days in some police lab. You’ll be over written by some food blog never to be seen again.

That’s just sad. You have made me sad now. All I wanted to know is have you forgotten about me as I have not seen you around here for ages, and what I get is you saying I will be overwritten. That’s harsh man, just harsh

Yeah, sorry, that wasn’t pleasant was it. I apologise. I must do better at coming to see you.

You should, I feel like Grampa in the Simpsons at the moment.

Is it that bad?

Yeah it is

Ok well I will see you at least once a month then. Make sure you are doing ok. That the free papers are not building up in your letter box, comments are approved and ping backs are acted on.

Yeah you keep getting these for that bloody marmite post.

Out of all the stuff I have written that’s the one people like

If only we could make some money from it.

Yeah that would be nice. Oh well. Anyway, I must be going. I have things I need to do

Oh, but you’ll come back next month?

Yeah, I will be back. Maybe before but we’ll need some sort of inspiration for that to happen. If you can think of anything blog, let me know.

Will do





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