We all have systems and I am not talking about mechanical or technological systems. I am not even talking about plumbing systems. I am talking about systems we humans use to navigate the world on a day to day basis. As Harry Hill used to say “Gotta have a system”


The other day I was at work and I realised I had a system without even knowing it. Then I started to look a little closer at the rest of what I do and things started to spring out at me. I have systems for a lot of things. Let’s start with the work one.


As part of my role I have to use a pen and a pencil for a large percentage of my day. Clearly I need to mark something permanently and other not so much. Now my desk is often full of work so I need somewhere to put these two items so I can find them in snap. It turns out I have without even thinking about it.


The pen, the item out of the two I use the least, can be found perched behind my ear wedged between my head, ear and glasses. It’s there so much I have to physically check it’s not there when I leave the office. Otherwise I think People would stare at me on the tram, well more than normal.


The pencil has to also go somewhere too and that rests softly in my mouth. No teeth involved just my lips holding it in place, ready for action at a moment’s notice. I use a retractable pencil so bite marks would not go down well with it, or my dentist. This system works a treat maybe because I had no idea I was doing it until recently.


Look I can write on windowsThis discovery in part was thanks to see the trailer for The Accountant. Now I know I am not OCD in anyway but sitting and thinking about what I do the same each day maybe I am a little. Take ironing for example, yes I iron. I know it’s hard to believe but I my clothes to at least look OK before I put them on. The way I iron a short is the same every time with very little deviation.


  1. Collar
  2. Shoulders
  3. Sleeves
  4. Body (left side to right)


If I do this in the wrong order nothing bad happens I just feel like I have missed something, where as someone who suffers from OCD may not be able to continue unless they do it right.


Then there is my shower routine. I have clean my body in a similar fashion, this however I think is so I don’t miss any important bits. I am not going in to details but it’s essentially body top down with hair last. Finally, we have jeans/trousers.


The other day I for some unknown reason put my left leg in first. I have no idea why but it felt alien and weird to do this. I have been a right legger for so long I clearly couldn’t cope with doing this a different way. My body knew it was wrong and didn’t like it. Again though, nothing bad happened.


With most things, I have a routine or system so I don’t miss things out. I know I have done this or that because it’s part of the process. I know when I get to the end as I followed the same plan I will have completed the task at hand and not had to think about it and still know it’s done.


Hopefully I am not the only one who does this. Let me know your routines or systems in the comments.

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