In case you have missed it CITV or Children’s Independent Television, to give it its full title has turned 30 this week. To celebrate CITV the now standalone TV channel is showing some shows form the last 30 years.

I have scanned through the schedule and was disappointed there was no Jamie and the Magic Touch but it turns out it was actually on before CITV stared. Wikipedia to the rescue as ever.

I also realised that I must have watched more BBC than ITV growing up as I remember the shows but never really watched them, well apart form Nightmare. The legend at school is that one kid saw the team win once. I think they are also the one kid who saw a video nasty and who’s Dad invented Velcro.  I think Jay from the Inbetweeners was based on him.

Anyway, TV has changed for kids now. No longer will they have that shared experience of 2 channels to choose from and worst still, having to wait for the programme to be on. No digital time shifting, or downloads back then. If you missed it tough.

I remember as I got older The Mary Whitehouse Experience did a silly sketch about a “M. KAHN IS BENT” which was scrawled on a bridge in London. This poor kid missed the show, so we were all calling him M. Kahn for weeks and he had no idea why.  Kids are cruel and we were no exception.

Sometimes people become romantic for the past but for me it’s all “history today”. With technology moving as fast as does we can’t hold on to what was. We have to embrace what is and what will be. Those old CITV shows were good for the time they were made and it’s good to reminisce but please let’s not get silly and remake them.

I for one would not want to see a remake of SuperGran or Woof.

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