I often wonder what will happen in the future to my writing. Will I continue with this blog, will I continue to write stories featuring the very talented and made up Dan. Will they ever lead to anything?

I love writing the Dan stories and stories in general. I don’t hold back and put up every finished piece of work I do. I am starting to wonder if this is a good thing or not.

The positives are that people can read my work, they can see I am a little bit mental and draw their own conclusions from it

The downside is what if I am no good at writing. What if I actually suck at being a writer? Would I not be better just to hide what I write?

I know I have to pasted the nerves and just get myself out there and be open to what I find. So far I have received no feedback. None, zip nadda from anyone. That’s a good thing right?

Help my writing

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