My first attempt at free self hosting was awful. The server was always running at 100% and the swap file (I have no real idea) was also bursting at the seams. I tried to reinstall the whole blog, remove plugins and even posts… Nothing worked.

So off I went to a new host. A host which has been perfect so far. Page load times have been reduced from 15-20 seconds to always fewer than 3. The backend works a treat and the self help brilliant.

So as a show of respect and admiration. If you are looking for free hosting, please try Http:// Oh and this is in no way a paid for add. I am really impressed!

x10Hosting…free hosting for the masses.

Here at x10Hosting, we know what we’re doing. x10Hosting has been hosting the masses, for free, since 2004. In that time we’ve developed a solid, stable platform and a profitable business that really thrives. On top of that we’ve got a 400,000+ strong community – posting over 600,000 messages in our friendly, knowledge-filled free hostingforum.

Over the past 6 years we have honed our efforts and we’re proud to offer our users all of the fantastic benefits of cPanel 11, our smart in-house account panel and our unique community support system. x10Hosting uses high-powered servers that allow us to deliver the very best speeds that free hosting has to offer while giving you access to the latest technology and top of the line features.

Want to host your own website? Or maybe even setup your very own web community? Whatever your dream, x10Hosting will help turn your ambitions into reality, and we won’t charge you a cent. You can rely on us to offer you a stable platform to build your site on and get help from the thousands of experienced web developers in our forums.

Ready to go? Setup your free hosting account NOW. It takes less then 5 minutes.

Why choose x10Hosting and what do we offer for your free website?

Unmetered disk space, unmetered transfer, cPanel 11, full control of your web hosting environment – backed by industry-leading technology. And it’s all free. The real question – why not?!

Our free hosting includes PHP 5, MySQL, auto install scripts such as Joomla, WordPress, phpBB, and SMF. It doesn’t stop there though, we have over 100 more scripts that can be installed on your website for free with a few clicks of your mouse.

On top of everything we offer for free we don’t leave you hanging. Our unique community support system allows for thousands of our members to help you with your issues, all led by a select team of knowledgeable community advocates.

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