So today is a big day for this blog. We have switch to self hosting. Now I know some of you who read this will either:

  1. Already be self hosting
  2. Don’t see the point
  3. Think I am talking dirty
  4. Only came here by accident


Well I am not a deep down geeky coder. I like techy stuff but this was an experiment into the unknown. So far it’s been easy. Most hosts have a WordPress install facility so after a few clicks I was ready to go. The biggest issues were just me being a miser.

There are so many options out there to host your part of the web. From the corporate 1000 page websites to small bloggers who let’s face it, are amazing but forgotten about. I of course am a tight git so have opted for free hosting in the hope it will lead to something bigger.

I tried a few each with differing success. The main issues seemed to be speed. Some of them seemed to crawl, doing anything to the site took ages. I would often watch a short YouTube video while the site finally did as required.

Others have an issue with “up-time”. What’s the point in having a blog if it’s always down and no one can read it and I can’t play with it behind the scenes.

I finally settled on one which seems to be good so far. A little slow on the backend but the main page, after a few tweaks, seems to be ok.

Welcome to the new world!

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