Today was the day that Rockstar gave out more details on their newest GTA baby. I won’t go over the details as I am sure, if you are interested you have already read about it or you have stopped reading this and are now googleing what’s its all about.

I used to be a gamer. I grew up playing games from the Spectrum 48K upwards. I know games, I understand games yet here is the rub. I am pretty rubbish at games. I seem to have lost my sparkle, my winning ways. The last game I was truly good at was Sensible Soccer and that was because I had found an unbeatable set piece with a header corner.

Before this it was Afterburner on the arcade. I was on a school trip to France and on the ferry there was this arcade machine. Desperate to beat boredom I stuck my 20p in and I seemed to enter “the Zone”. I managed to block out my fellow school chums and something special happened. It was and still is the first time I have ever been top five on any arcade machine. I wish smart phones were around then so I would have a picture.

In the modern gaming world there seems to be an over population of First person shooter (FPS). I remember getting Quake to finally work on my ancient PC and I soon realised I was pretty rubbish at it. On the whole I am terrible at FPS. I have no idea why, I just can’t seem to crack the whole ethos of the control system.

The big AAA titles of recent times the majority of them are FPS. The franchisees of Call of Duty (CoD), Battlefield, Bioshock, Halo, KillZone, Crysis and Borderlands to name but a few. I have played and tried a lot of these over my gaming years and each time I come away in shock at just how bad I am.

What saddens me though it that the games industry keeps making more of these games and worst still just updated versions of the games at that. Take CoD for example. There is Cod 1-3, CoD: World at War, CoD: Modern Warfare 1-3 and CoD: Black Ops 1 and 2. Each game taking the last version an updating it or twisting it slightly to make a new game the FPS geeks love.

I guess because I am rubbish at these games I wonder why there are so many. I guess if I was say allergic to tea I would wonder why so many people drink tea. So I wonder why so many people love these games. I will continue to play the Demo’s on the easy lame settings and occasionally venture online to be pwned or worse.

Maybe I should go to FPS school? Is there such a thing? Would anyone like to teach this old dog new tricks in the CoD world? HELP!

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