So Peter Molyneux is a legend, someone who doesn’t use boxes to think outside of.. Well apart from this app…. Sadly. With that in mind his team at 22Cans have built the most astounding app.  

Its been delayed for what feels like an age but its finally here the app that will provide someone with a life changing experience. Available on both android and iOs the app is probably the simplest game ever. 

Essentially you tap the screen….. That’s it. Nothing more nothing less. Simple. Well sort of. The idea is that each tap will remove a layer of a mystical box, OK its a cube but I told you box would come back. You can buy extra tools to make the process quicker and remove more layers at a time. There even is a £10,000 tool to help on your quest. 

When the last player chips away the last layer they win. It’s all about the winning with this app. Winning a unique opportunity. Well in theory.

As I’m sure you know I don’t own an apple device *spits* so I can’t comment on that but the Android version is useless. I mean really useless. It simply won’t load.. Every review on the play store is the same. Shoddy me thinks.

When it’s fixed I’ll update this review but until then. Please don’t download it. Or you’ll end up with this

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