So today Apple will announce a new iPhone. Then the inevitable crowds of phanbois will be waiting in line to buy it. All this despite it being VERY similar to the one they have in their pocket.

Now I have no idea what the true specs of the the new Jesus phone will hold but we do know a few things.

  1. They have shrunk the connection port. All those gadgets that you use on your phone will now need an ugly adapter to make it backwards compatible
  2. No YouTube or Google maps. Apple have really fallen out with Google over Android phones so they are punishing them but removing Google app. Who is really going to suffer here? 
  3. The screen will be slightly bigger
  4. It will have the same software design as the iPhone One 
  5.  People are starting to fall out with Apple, Has the fruit bubble burst?

As people maybe aware I have never been a fan of the iPhone and its locked down iOS and app store. In fact even writing these words has made me angry and aggressive all at once.

Anyway have a read of this Clearly the comments are the most interesting part of the article as the phanbois take on the anti-I brigade.

I read through this article and got the idea that this was someone who used to respect apple, respect what they have archived but felt they have left their core values behind.

If you wanna rant about how good or bad the iPhones are, feel free. I will be avoiding the internet and its geeky sites tonight as I’m sure the launch will trend and cause many a phanboi to wet themselves and may of us Android users to tut and shake our heads at the sheep mentality of it all.


You know this is funny and on the mark

3Gizzle! That sh*t was a huge success
Then I sold a butt-load of the 3GizzleS
Number four, ‘nother score, jaws hittin’ the floor,
Y’all acted like you never seen a phone before

FANBOY: “Bullsh**! It’s the same phone as before!
JOBS: Not true! It’s got a new power cord.

We switched the dock up arbitrarily,
So I hope you like buyin’ new accessories.
See the new design- yeah it’s out-of-control
We went nuts and switched it up from black to charcoal {Say what?}

Plus the screen’s two millimeters taller
That’s gotta be worth at least four hundred dollars



The iPHONE 5 UNDERMINES western DEMOCRACY: 5 reasons why Owning one will be the badge of an utter fool

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