I have not watched Eastenders for years; I’ll happen upon it occasionally and think to myself WTF…. literally WTF!!! Now I see it’s about to get a whole lot worse. I think they should bring back Barry, Frank, Pat, Ethel, Pauline and the dead guy from the first episode. (ok and Ali, Den, Pete and Arthur). Here is what the Guardian think.

The EastEnders merry-go-round continues with the return of Sharon Watts

A few weeks ago, an episode of EastEnders climaxed with one man telling two other men that he wanted them to perform a minor repair on his car within a couple of days or so. That was it – the big doof-doof moment. At the time, you could be forgiven for thinking that EastEnders had completely run out of ideas. But that would have been premature, because Sharon Watts is returning to Albert Square next month. And that’s when EastEnders proves it has completely run out of ideas….. http://goo.gl/lIGUe

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