As this is a writing blog and I am a bit of a geek. I found this article on the UK’s premier tech website very interesting.

I am currently Watching Line of Duty which is referenced, but I gave up on Blackout after about 20 minutes. I have to echo those thoughts of the Andrew Orlowski that it is a massive international drama with no Britishness at all.

Its only redeeming feature was the visual style which after 10 minutes was just annoying. It felt like they decided that the plot was so bad, if they hid it in a rain soaked camera dazzle the viewer wouldn’t notice. How wrong could they be.

Line of Duty is dark and unpleasant but it still lacks that edge American drama serials have. Compare it to most imports from HBO or Showtime and it feels old and tired. Yet there is enough to keep me watching. Enough intrigue to make sure I still record it on my Sky+. Ok, maybe it’s not a show I have to watch within a few days of broadcast but it’s decent enough.

Here is the big difference at the moment between UK and US drama. I want to see the next episode of Homeland or Mad Men (to name just 2), as soon as the credits roll. There is that need to see what these characters will do next, where the story might go. They draw you in and before you know it you are addicted.

I can’t remember the last British drama to do that. I would love the UK to come up with a modern superlative drama. Maybe the only person who is going to change that is you and I. Maybe it’s time we stop being wistful and do something about it….. well I like to think we can.

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