As you should know by now I am a geek. Not a massive geek like comic book guy but a geek none the less. This geekiness has lead me on many an internet hunt for random stuff or what if quires. Currently I am looking at programming.
Now if you have read any of my previous blogs I am terrible at English, I can’t spell for toffee and this sadly leads to grammatical issues as I choose the wrong word from the spell check. Not an issue when it comes to people reading English. The human mind is rather clever at working stuff out on the fly. I can make an error the brain will read what I have written and then replace the error with the correct word. Amazing. Sadly computers are not that good.
So what makes me think I could do this? Well I like computers and the ability to make a computer do as it’s told would be fantastic. Plus despite never grasping languages I am pretty intelligent (at times) and have been known to remember codes and model number of the weirdest stuff in my selling days. This part of my brain is currently getting no use and it would be great to boot it back up and see what I can do.
I know it will be hard, especially as I have to type in code. Code which is letter perfect but I think I can do this, I have faith. With the right books and websites i can do this and my first task would be an Android app. So I will announce that by this time next year I will have written my first app. I know it’s a long shot and I think I may use this blog to keep track of my progress. I have never programmed so let’s see where this takes me.
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