I guess people loose interesting in writing blogs. I wonder how many blogs have been started and how many are current? Also what is the average life of a blog before the user gets bored and packs it in…. I say bored hits a wall of depth and has no idea what to write about?

So, based on that sentence, I am sorry I have not written anything. I know i should have but sometimes when the world is the same day in day out there is little to write. Little to be joyous about. Little that takes the mood to put fingers to keyboard.

Even now as I write this i am trying to think of something interesting and witty to write but I have nothing, well nothing that give you too much insight in to my psyche as it’s an odd place. Full of odd thoughts and random sarcasm.

So excuse the lack of “action”, I hope to have something to say or write about soon. Something that won’t make you go insane or burn your eyes out with deary realism. I have been told i am funny so maybe that will kick in and make things all better….

One can only hope
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