Before i started working for a Mobile Phone Network Store (MPNS) I had little interest in phones. This was the time before mobile internet really took off and the networks all had a wall garden approach to online connectivity. Essentially they decided what you could and could not access from your phone and it had to be some stripped down text only page. Phones were dull. They lacked excitement of my previous job in hi-fi and home cinema. They were tools for text and call only.

When I was 18 I got a job at Currys. I was a bit of a geek, (yes I know I am now too….tut) so ended just selling computers as no other person there had a clue how to use one let along sell one. I did very well out of that niche. This was around 1996. A time when pay as you go (PAYG) was in its infancy so if you had planned to meet someone, you had sire as hell be there.

My first mobile phone was a PAYG Phillips Savvy, well I got two as there was a deal of unlimited calls between two numbers. One for me and one for the then girlfriend now wife.

This was pretty much it until I was offered a deal on contact.

Through the hifi shop where I worked I was offered a basic Nokia phone with a free 14’’ TV, A portable Stereo and a Playstation 2. A free PS2 hard not to refuse. I did not need the minutes so the then girlfriend now wife took it. But I got the PS2. The phone was a big brink. Back in these days size was everything and it was about making the phone smaller.

I have never really used a mobile phone enough to justify the line rental. I make a few calls and texts but on PAYG it would be under a £5 a month. So when I stared at the MPNS I had not care about phones or getting x amount of minutes and texts for x amount of money. That was until I heard about the staff benefits. Staff plan was free line rental and masses amount of minutes and texts. With free this and that to show the customer the other services the network offered.

Phones only really changed for me when the network went unlimited on data. The first network to realise that internet on the go was going to be huge. Smart phones were beginning to take off with Nokia leading the way (we will ignore any Window phones, they were far from smart). Suddenly with the internet there on my phone I could stay on top of my emails and news wherever i was and not have to worry about data charges of any kind. This was magnificent.

So this is where we are today. Unlimited internet of sorts and the freedom to browse the web anywhere. Phones have become smarter, faster, lighter and bigger. The Samsung Galaxy s2 is the current pinnacle of this.

Before I go on, I dislike iPhones. It’s not a snobbish thing, it’s a followers like sheep thing. It’s a Church of Apple thing. It’s a we launch for iPhones first thing. It’s a we control everything on your phone thing. It’s a you love us and you’ll pay over the top thing. It’s a we want to sue the man and his dog thing.

The Galaxey S2 is simple the best phone out there for android and possible the best Smartphone going. There are things which annoy me. No led notification light and the power button on the opposite side to the volume means you turn it up when you turn the screen off. Aside from these its fast powerful and mine…. all mine

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