There a few things in this world that really freaks me out. Some people are scared of spiders, some of clowns and other of heights. Me I like to go big on fears and I mean really big almost existential. No not Keyser Söze, Space, not agoraphobia kind of space, the space in the sky, the stars and galaxies far far away. How and why they are there, why are we here and what happens after we go. Just writing these words is starting to freak me out a little.

Now I don’t believe in a god. If I did I could rationalise that he/she made this world and is looking down and will take care of me and everyone else in the afterlife. I have no proof that any God exists. There are those that point to sacred texts as proof of a higher power, but I have ready and seen too much to believe them to be of a greater design.

The one thing that I don’t need any proof of is that belief systems are often a main cause of war and ultimately death. People commit the most heinous crimes in the name of god but to what end? All religions have been affected by war. I am no historian, which you may be glad to hear but, the crusades in the 11th, 12th and 13th century designed to restore Christian control across Europe and beyond through to the second world war and the Nazi’s hatred of the Jews and modern day’s melting pot of rage in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. All have been motivated to war by religion.

It’s not all doom and gloom, I know a lot of people are spiritual in different ways and this belief is the corner stone to how they manage their lives. Some people go to church every Sunday, some just at religious times while others never go at all but still retain a faith of some description. In the UK the majority of people live together happily with other religions, wanting to understand their beliefs and culture and importantly respecting it. Sure we have had some issues recently with riots but that was not about religion. In fact Birmingham religions came together to stop the violence which could have so easily spread.

While looking for information I found this on Wikipedia from the 2001 census:

Total population as of 2001 60,587,300

 This has surprised me. I had no idea that many people in the UK would still consider themselves as religious. I would have expected a lot less especially in Christianity. We as a nation I thought had moved away from religion. For example, on the whole in the USA you have to believe in a Christian god to be elected, in the UK, its best not to mention your beliefs to be elected. How many people knew Tony Blair was a Catholic before he was elected PM? Seeing that 71.6% of the UK still believes in a Christian god makes me wonder why those in politics’ don’t push that side more.

But what about me? Should I over come my fear of the universe and start to believe in a religion. Would that make my life easier knowing that there is someone out there who would, and I use this phase carefully, love me unconditionally? What religion should I choose? Is Christianity the way forward as it is for the majority of the UK or should I look at others? Can I simply pick up a religion and believe straight away?

I have looked at a number of different religions and quite frankly they all have things I would find hard to trust. Take the main UK religion. The main issue with the majority of Christian believers is evolution. They deny it happened. I am sure it happened; science has proved it happed and proof is something I am still lacking from any religion. So how can I put my faith in something that denies a major human milestone?

I don’t think I would be able to believe in any religion. I have grown to distrust any organised religion and I’m not sure why. It is deep rooted in me not to believe. I guess for now I will just have to avoid thinking or talking about the universe. Which means avoided the intelligence of Brain Cox, sorry Dr. Brian Cox^. I think this quote shows how far his intelligence has come:

Anyone Who Thinks the LHC* Will Destroy the World is a Twat.

Can’t argue with science

^If you put Brain Cox into Google you get the Scottish actor and famous baddie in the Bourne Films, who was the original Hannibal Lecter I am not sure how much he knows about the universe but I don’t think it’s a lot.

* LHC = Large Hadron Collider , you know that thing that’s looking for that tiny object that makes the world go around also known as the God Particle…. oh great, a god particle. Just what I need on my spiritual journey, I’ll find a religion which suits me and them there scientists’ will find this single tiny item that shows how the world was made and makes not only my journey pointless but really messes my head up further. Thanks LHC and Dr Cox. Thanks for being interested in how the world works.

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