We all want it, some of us have it in abundance, and some of us struggle to find enough of it to rub together. It’s also considered the root of all evil and why i want to be a gansta rapper.

Let’s start with the scary truth. I am in debt. We should be clear on this, and I don’t just mean a mortgage I mean proper debt. I am currently undergoing a debt management plan. This is where I pay my creditors minimum amounts until I’m back in black. This could take 12 years

There is a lot of stigma attached to debt and often people on similar scheme but would never reveal they are on a plan. It is depressing and scary and you do feel like a failure. I am no exception.

We have been close a few times before to going under, but never this bad, we always found away to get money to reduce the amount we owe.

We have completed equity release, remortgaged and shifted debt about to make sure we could afford to live. Now, with no equity in the house and a remortgage unlikely to help. We are at the bottom with nowhere to go. Which is when you start to watch daytime tv.

There are a lot of adverts out there for debt management plans. Most are from companies who will take a cut of your monthly amount to administer everything for you. I have no issue with these. They offer a service which to some is cost effective. Some people prefer to hand it all over and forget about it. These companies are perfect for that.

We have however, went with the Consumer Credit Counselling Service. They are a charity that will provide a similar service to the fee charging companies. There is a marked difference in the service, but when you get what you pay for. They organise all you debt as the other services do and provide you a monthly statement of where you are. They main difference we have noticed is contacting them.

As a charity, they operate normal business hours* and never weekends. This is a little frustrating when you work the same. They are often busy on the phone so don’t expect to get through in a few seconds. On the whole though as this is free, we don’t complain. After all we got ourselves into this situation.

 As we follow this plan you can’t help but wonder why? Why should I? Why can’t I just go bankrupt and be done with it. Why should i go to work when some lazy ****** sits at home plays Xbox and ends up better off than I do?

There are people where I live that are earning more than me, have a better & bigger house than me and don’t have t pay rent/mortgage like me. Then have the cheek to moan they have to travel to sign on.

I consider myself a liberal person, but there are times you have to wonder why do I bother? I racked up debt just to live, just to keep my family going and there are people out there with a better lifestyle than me and have never done a day’s work in their lives.

Anyway, don’t be afraid to speak about debt I am glad we did.

*this may have changed as the website states 8am-8pm Mon-Fri.
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