Here we go again with another app review. This time it’s the Remote Web Desktop from SmartDog Studios for Android. (To be fair they are all android based)

So what the hell is it then?
Remote Web Desktop is a remote link via Wi-Fi to your phone, where you can access pictures, SMS, use your phone as a webcam, back up apps and even use your computer as a keyboard for the phone.

Oh right, why would I want it?
Very useful if you spend all day at your computer and have to keep switching to look at your phones SMS messages or you simply want to look at the photos on your phone without the need of a data cable. Personally I like the idea you can back up all you apps to SD card and using your computer as the phone keyboard.

So how does it work?
Simple. Start the app on your phone and you’re presented with a few options. The simplest is just to set a password. Then go to your computer, now this is the only tricky bit, the computer must be on Wi-Fi, the same Wi-Fi as your phone and enter the address shown in the app onto your web browser. It will then ask for the password you just created and you’re away.
 It can be any type of computer as long as it has a web browser; some features are only supported in the latest browser. Goes without saying always keep it updated.

Wow, simple. Does it really work?
Yeah, really well, you can customise all sorts of things and most of the bits I tried worked well. For some bits you may need to “Root” your phone but for the majority everything is rosy.

So should I get it?
Yes, if you can never find the USB cable to your phone it’s a godsend. Also very good it you are constantly having to stop working on your computer to answer text messages.

QR codeYou can download Remote Web Desktop from the Android Market click here or the QR code below.

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