Do you ever find yourself wanting to write something but no real clue what you want to write?

I have things within me, which want to be free and exposed to the world…… well exposed is maybe the wrong word, but thoughts and ideas. Yet here I am sitting at a computer looking as a white screen wondering what keys to hit in order to make something interesting and funny. So far nothing has leapt forward.

I could write another review of a random App from the Android market? I could tell you about what I watch on TV? I could go into detail about #hackgate or other news story, but none of it feels right. I think I know the reason why….

On Friday (22/07/11) I will be 35. I reckon that I’m over half way through my life by now. I understand some people live until they are 100 odd but I just don’t see that happening (long story). This feeling is not helped by that fact my youngest child will be 1 the day before. Do I feel old and ready for a pipe and slippers, hell yes. Do I already own slippers…. well yes, that does not make me old. As you get older life feels harder, I can’t remember waking up and not feeling tired or achy.

So what happens next? I have another 30 years of work to look forward to, just so I can retire on 50p per week and then ultimately die. I don’t like working for a living it sucks. I wish I could be my own boos, do what I feel is right for me and not work as a civil servant wading though mountains of papers and bureaucracy. Also, who decided that a 5 day week was a good idea? Why is the norm not a 4 day week? I want a 4 day week but paid the same money of course? Surly the knock on affect for retail and the leisure industries would be massive. That’s if we forget manufacturing of course, they may not like it so much.

When I was growing up, all I ever wanted to do was be my own boss. I have no clue doing what but I knew the only way in this world you make money is to go out there and grab it. Which is what I did for a short while, but life got in the way and to be honest I did not really push it as hard as I could. Maybe I should look at something again. Something interesting and fun, I know transmit7 is about to launch with my old business partner. So maybe that is the thing I need, maybe just having this blog is the key.

I guess I won’t know until it hits me slap in the face. That one thing I could see myself doing for the rest of my life must be out here, must be achievable and must pay above minimum wage, preferably way above minimum wage really. I like techy stuff.

In an ideal world I am hoping one of kids decides that football (or other major sport) is the way forward so they can then look after me for the next 18 years. Fame and fortune must around the corner soon for someone who likes me?

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