Today I have chosen to review an android app. No idea why, but I thought it would a good exercise. Besides it annoys iPhone people, which is always a good thing.

So for the first of my causal reviews I am going to start with…. Catch Notes

 What is Catch notes?

You may be surprised to learn it’s a note taking app which can sync to the cloud. It will handle text, images and voice note entry. All backed up to the cloud with two way syncing.

Cloud what?

When you save a note to the app, the clever little thing, will also save a copy to the website. There you can access it on your computer to edit, view and play with as you can on your phone. You can also write a note via the website and sync it back on your phone. Very good for shopping lists.

I bet that costs?

No, the app is free and the cloud storage is free. There is a maximum cap of 70mb for syncing. Which for text use is massive, you may discover a problem if you sync a lot of photos but then you could always upgrade to pro which is $5 a month or $45 a year. This also lets you upload office docs and PDF’s.

Are there any alternatives?

There are quite a few depending on what you want to do? Evernote and Springpad are just two. If you plan to use it for photo then something like Dropbox or Ubuntu One are both really good.

But is Catch any good?

I think it’s great. Really easy to use, simple design and super cloud syncing. You can also tag each note so, if like me you want to compare prices while you’re out shopping, you can tag the note to make it easier to trace later on. Worth a download for sure.

8/10 Get it here 
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