As previously mentioned, I’m buying the Sun for their *cough* bargain holidays deal… Ok, so it’s not the most amazing deal in the world by the time you add everything on. Still it’s worth a punt. I have reached a problem though.

The deal is first come first served. So those that get their forms in first are more lily to get their first choice of holiday. To get the entire token set first I need to buy a paper, a Sunday paper. You may have heard of it, The News of the World. I could be all high and mighty about it and not buy it because of what they have alleged to have done. I could ignore all of this week’s news and buy it anyway, so I can be first with my choice of holiday or Hols as the Sun call them.

As I someone who is annoyed with the whole News International / News Corporation thing anyway. I have hated buying these shoddy 2nd rate comics. I have hated since last Saturday and I continue to hate every day. I can’t even look the shop keeper it the eye, when I hand over my pennies. I had thought of buying this week’s paper, and as soon as I have it, ripping out the voucher and handing back the paper to the shopkeeper. If I have to go to a major super market, I would have to use the Self Check-out to hide my shame and embarrassment of buying such tosh.

So do I buy it at the risk of being seen as a total fool or as I’m really really poor, cut though the politics and buy it anyway? In an ideal world I’d find one in a hedge just like my school days, except that was usually porn.

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