You know, I can’t think of one thing. I have been buying the Sun/ Screws of the world since Saturday for their cheap holidays. I sat down on the Saturday to try and read the Sun. A paper I have not even wanted to touch for years. I must say the quality of the words was amazing. I could scan read the whole page in a few seconds and get the gist of the article and the bias the Sun wanted to put on it. Oh yes, the bias the Sun is showing…

Don’t even get me started on the poor girl who was killed by a fall tree branch last Thursday. It is a sad tragic accident, one which the family, the most important part of the story, should not have to see in the national news. Now the Sun did not say it was caused by Civil Service strikes unlike The Daily Fail, but they came close. If they ever became as bad as the Daily Fail, we are all doomed. Seriously, Doomed.

As I have been writing I had a sudden realisation. We ARE DOOMED. News International (NI) own a number of high profile newspaper including the Sun and are very very close the buying British Sky Broadcasting…. or Sky to its friends. It must have a friend somewhere? Now there are a number of obstacles in its way most of these involve Sky News. The powers that be, have no issue with NI buying Sky, but they understand that people are very apprehensive with the power this gives NI. They will have a control in a large percentage of TV, Print and online news.

I have watched Sky News for a good while, there are times they get it 100% right and there are times they get it badly wrong. The coverage of the Omagh bombing and other breaking news stories have been exceptional, yet when it come to trust I really start to have issues. With all breaking news, they rely on the information they have at hand at the time. Watching the events of a major news story unfold where the cameras have true access it amazing as it is heartbreaking. Yet sometimes when they have very little, it can belittle a story and make the whole event seedy and nasty.

Anyway, I am opposed to the sale of Sky to NI and feel despite the fact I have sky, they are evil. This is only reiterated by the god awful way the Sun is written. Oh and before you start, yes I know, they can spell but when have you ever seen the word “reiterated” in the Sun. I think they will dumb Sky News down more and some of the proposals would mean it would have to pay its own way. News in the UK is not profitable anymore. TV news more so, ITN (ITV News Channel) failed at trying a 24hr news channel. I fail to see how Sky News can top that?

The whole phone hacking scandal is back.. oh and who owns the Screws of the World? Hmmm.NI have a lot to do in my eyes before they should be allowed near Sky.  

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