Everyone is talking about in the tech world. Google+. If you don’t know what it is then, well, I am not going to be able to help. I understand it’s a Social Networking site, which Google hopes will hit Facebook in the … er.. face. The problem is, Google have only soft launched the site.

A soft launch is a controlled way of releasing the site so people can experience it, but not overloading the servers. The Google way is with invite only launches. This happened with Gmail and Wave. I paid £1 for a Google mail invite on eBay way back in time. Yeah, sad I know. A quick fleabay search bring up invites to + for £1. How times have not changed.

Do I want an invite, well, yeah. Can I wait to get one, well, yeah. I like new things, I have signed up to more early websites than I like to remember. It’s only down the line a few years later when they go mainstream and I try and log in again. I realise I’m a current member. Twitter was the same. I joined in 2007. I never really used it until 2010.

I guess this is one site I’ll have to wait to join. Will my life be worse off because I can’t, I really think not.

(PS I will accept invites by the way)

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