I have decided. Yep, that’s right I have decided. I know its taken time to reach this point in my life but now, after all these years of wondering, I have finally decided to jump in and really push for it.

I have been one of these people who have tried a few times but always given up. Always said, I don’t have the time. Yet, here I am sitting down and doing it. In fact I’m doing it as I write this. It’s not naughty, well not yet, but it could be if I wanted it to be. I plan to keep it clean for as long as I can. If the occasional dirty things pop up… well…. tough.

I look around me and lots of other people are doing it. I have seen what can happen when you do it properly. I have seen wonders which some never get to see. So please Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my Blog.

I plan to keep this going for as long as I can. If you start to read this and find yourself liking please comment on it. If you notice I don’t keep it up… steady… that was not dirty, please let me know.

I think it’s also worth pointing out I can’t spell for toffee and I use autocorrect a hell of a lot. So if a word looks out of place, I properly tried to spell it, used autocorrect and not checked the outcome. Please feel free to berate and belittle me if you wish…

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Nicki · 27 June 2011 at 20:57

Naughty but nice?? I like it!!

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