I really should try and keep this updated more often. Anyway, Xbox and sky and linked up. On 1st glance this seems all wonderful and such a good idea. Then i start to digg a little deeper and it seems a bit pointless.

Ok i ready a few blogs and techy news site. Often they report the same story, some just reprinting the the press release. (lazy). I may read the same story 4-5 times each slighty different. Often each will contain a little more info or comment.

The Sky TV on Xbox is a perfect example. When i read it as a roumor i was intrested. No need for a dish to watch football and cricket. Wow. How much would this all cost? Well heres the rub. You have to be a sky customer alreay. Why would i want to stream footy though my xbox when i can just select it via my sky+.

If this is to be belived I don't think the take up will be that great unless, like me, you don't have sky sports but via the Xbox you'll get it free. Now thats a reason t sign up. It's just a shame I don't have an Xbox, I could sell my PS3 i guess but then i'll be upset when the bbc start HD streaming to the PS3.

If only i was allowed both. Darn you economy, flip you my rubbish job and darn my wife and child*.

*Only joking about the wife and child. Worth way more than an Xbox

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