Well, went to the premier last night. Didn't see a single celeb any where. Yet this morning I see David Cameron was there… Do MP's count as celebs? Maybe not. Would have prefered to know that James Cameron was there. Now that would have been fun.

The tv series went out today. Not sure on it myself. The original Ben 10 was a new idea. This seems to be to sell toys. A new watch, new aliens, new outfit etc. Being a Dad is expensive. Now if the showing was for The Grim adventures of billy and mandy, now thats a TV series.

Oh and i just rememebered the wife saw a cheeky girl, does that count or are scapping the barrel? I think it's a massive barrel and we are using lasers to get every bit off.

Also it's week 2 of "The Service". Got a case and it's a 4 dayer… Umm. Friday off anyone, we shall see

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