Oh my days.

I'm sitting chatting to people who seems to be lost in the 70's. I'm in no way repeating some what is being said but for f***s sake. I am shocked by the way people think. The way they blame certain minorities for a lot of problems.

For me one of the converstions i can't deal with is the whole Carol Thatcher comments. Comparing what she said to the Brand/Ross phone call. The 2 are so different. For me racisim is far worse than a joke thats gone too far. Brand/Ross have both apologised for theit comments. Thatcher has never said sorry and as far as i can see, seems to think she has done nothing wrong.

There is no need for racists on both side of the fence. I don't care who you are. YOU are a person not a colour. I do belive some of them think they are not racist. "Some of my best friends are…." F*** off.

I can so tell i'm a Guardian reader and the rest are Daily Mail readers. Christ. What the hell? I'm glad i'm not one of these people. Maybe it would be easier if i just hate everyone.

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