Well let me start by saying sorry for the spelling and grammer errors with in this blog. There are gonna be a few and to be honest, tough. I can't spell and i don't need people to tell me that. I'm hopeing by writting this blog it may help, we shall see.

So who am i? I'm a 32 year old Nottingham man, who works as a civil servant. It's not most fun i've had at work but it pays the bills (just). I took the job not for the pay but the benifits. Who ever invented flexi time is a god amongst men. Genius.

Anyway, i'm currently on jury service so have a lot of down time. What better way to spend my time that write dull crap on my phone and email it in to here in the hope someone finds it intresting. I say hope cos i'm bored and i'm writting it. Zzzzzz

Maybe i should have opened a twitter account….

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